uslugeWe are Belgrade based company entering healthcare distribution service business with great goals and ambitions. We are company that is expanding family business from healthcare providing to healthcare distribution service. 


We provide to our partners first class service in order to achieve better quality of healthcare for our community. We always go for the satisfaction of our stakeholders.


We care a lot more about getting it done and the relationships we build then to think solely on rapid business growth and that is why we are striving to establish long-term partnerships and stay committed to them.


  • Provide the right product!
  • Provide on time!
  • Provide at the right place!
  • Provide at the right price!


Committed to highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards in everything we do. Passionate for results. Practical in overcoming challenges.


Executive-ManagementWe have professional experience in various fields from providing healthcare and pharmacy to law and finance. Our team is capable of completing any task and surpassing any challenge that might arise from our day to day work.

Team from various backgrounds:

Healthcare providing   Healthcare providing service

Hospital management   Hospital management

Banking and finance   Finance and banking

Accounting   Accounting

Commercial law   Commercial Law

Customs   Customs related import & export activites



narodna-skupstina 1We are located in Belgrade, Serbia. In 10 km radius from our headquarters are locations of major primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare institutions. At our headquarters we have office space and warehouse capacity in order to answer all needs from our customers.