We offer complete distribution, registration and promotion service for our suppliers and  products.



We are reliable partner in distribution of your products.

Our distribution includes warehousing and inbound/outbound transportation as well as customer support. Position of our storage facility from customers and transportation hubs give us competitive advantage. Currently owned storage capacity as well as transportation capabilities are enough to cover urgent needs of our customers.


We act as your registration agent for our knowledge of local regulations.

Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia is relevant institution which issues import permits for your products either through procedure for marketing authorization or exceptionally procedure for import of medicines and medical devices which do not have marketing authorization.


If you are looking to expand your market we are right company for you.

Healthcare market expects more versatile marketing strategy. Our unique approach to local customers and health professionals gives them insights of your latest products, making them familiar with specs and advantages of using your products. Clear message of features and benefits will differentiate your product against the competition. Use our knowledge of local market to promote your products.



Together we work towards achieving clear competitive advantages and position your products in local market over the long term.

, SPMedicina Team